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Medical Supplies and Equipment

 Healthcare insurance typically covers most doctor and hospital visits, prescription drugs, and wellness care. Unfortunately, not many insurance companies covers medical devices, mobilized wheelchairs, and other ambulatory equipment, sadly leaving many families to assume the financial burden. Megar Healthcare Services offers medical equipment, such as standard and motorized wheelchairs, canes, walkers, and Hoyer lifts at a rate you can afford. We also provide medical supplies such as incontinence briefs, therapy aids, aids for daily living, and other personal hygiene accessories. Call us today to find out how to get these items delivered to your doorstep for your convenience. 

Direct Support for those with Behavioral issues and Mental Disabilities

Being a caregiver for someone with a mental illness or behavioral issue can be emotionally and physically demanding, but it can also be a rewarding experience. We have a wonderful team of Direct Support Professionals who have years of extensive training in caring for those with social, mental, and behavioral disorders. Megar’s highly skilled staff will support your loved one by assisting them in exploring and engaging in their community.