About Us

About Us

Welcome to the Megar Healthcare family. 

We are a small family owned homecare company based out of the city of Sandy Springs, GA. Although fairly new on the scene, we have always striven to uphold the old adage to “Treat others how you want to be treated”. That proverb holds such power in a society where individuals, particularly those who are up in age or have a disability, are overlooked and in some cases mistreated. 

We started our healthcare journey in London, England; working as caregivers for a number of patients in the geriatric community. We did this for several years before moving to the States where we decided to focus our time and effort into starting a company that caters to the elderly and infirm, brain trauma victims, and those with mental and behavioral disorders. 

Megar Healthcare Services, LLC is happy to serve you. We strive to work in harmony with our motto which is to 

“Provide Quality Care ForYour Loved Ones”